Karyn Altman Scholarship Fund - SES

MPI South Florida Chapter is pleased to announce the winners of the First-time Karyn Altman Education Scholarship WEC Contest.  Cathy Fox and Erin Branham have won conference registration for the MPI WEC which will be held in Las Vegas, NV, June 19-22, 2017.  The Karyn Altman Scholarship Fund was created in memory of this dedicated and valuable MPI member who gave tirelessly to our chapter, both as a board member and advocate for industry education, until her passing in late 2015.  The scholarship is intended to promote industry knowledge and professional growth for members of our chapter.  The Committee was tasked with selecting up to two winners out of a pool of qualified applicants.  These exceptional winners will benefit from the educational and professional opportunities presented by the WEC.  Moreover, they have a proven track record of participation in our South Florida Chapter.  We look forward to hearing back from Cathy & Erin on their experience at the WEC and know they will represent the MPISFL Chapter well! We’d also like to thank all those that applied for this scholarship and encourage everyone to pursue the opportunity.

Members now have a chance to apply for a conference registration scholarship to attend the upcoming MPI Sunshine Education Summit (previously the MPI SEC), taking place at the Marriott Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL from August 16-19, 2017. Represent your chapter, meet MPI members from around the state and region and learn what is happening in our ever changing industry.  Up to two scholarships of a maximum of $350 each (one planner and one supplier at the Early Bird rates) will be awarded. Please see the application for more details. Deadline to submit an application is June 23rd, 2017. Decisions will be made by early July. Don’t let this wonderful opportunity pass you by. Apply today for the Karyn Altman Education Scholarship to attend the SES!

Click Here for the application.

Submit to:  Joanna Berens, Scholarship Chair by 6/23/17 –

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Tropical Events: Reinventing the Themed Event South FL Style

Here in South FL we can’t escape the tropics. We have tropical weather, tropical food, easy access to Caribbean tropical destinations, and of course tropical EVENTS!

Many of our amazing local event professionals have become experts in reinventing the tropical event. Here’s what they have to say:

  1. Tropical events should always include one traditional element that evokes the tropics, but don’t be afraid to mix the other elements up. Try monsterra leaves and bright colors mixed with actual unique elements like cigar boxes, and mismatched chairs.- Lily Loveland, Tabletop Event Rentals
  2. Not all Tropical Events are created equal, a Latin Tropical event will defer from a Bahamian Tropical Event and or a Hawaiian Event. Knowing your demographics will save you embarrassment and a displeased client.
  3. Tropical cocktails are exotic, fruity and very colorful. Have fun with the container and use a hollowed coconut, pineapple or a watermelon for your beverage. Fresh fruit garnishes are a must for a natural tropical taste and look. When using an outdoor venue remember to include a cold, refreshing drink like our Backyard Lemonade. - Cathy Fox, 3J Hospitality
  4. Don’t forget to decorate your food stations. Natural elements, such as crates, burlap and palm fronds, give an authentic tropical vibe. Sand and food don’t mix, avoid the urge to use sand on your table unless it’s contained in vases. Throw away the plates and use unique vessels such as bamboo leaf boats and clam or scallop shaped shells. If it’s a beach or Hawaiian theme, use a surf board as your table. - Cathy Fox, 3J Hospitality
  5. “Tropical events call for light, bright and colorful food displays and lots of finger foods too. Keep in mind what demographic of tropics you are representing to stay the course with your theme. Remember, you feast with your eyes before you feast with your palette. So use the beautiful food as decor and keep replenishing as the event goes on!” - Stacy Babb, Truluck’s Restaurant Group
  6. “We find clients want quite a variety of different things when they ask for a tropical event! For example, for more modern tropical events, we use a bold geometric pattern as a central feature of the decor. Recently, for a Havana Nights Themed Event, we added a cafecito break where we passed around shots of Cuban coffee straight from a local Cuban bakery. Havana Nights might be one of our best selling event themes, but we’ve literally never done it the same way twice!” - Erin Branham, A2 Events

Clearly, the tropics are inspiring! Why not come visit South FL to see some of it in person!


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