Top 5 Favorite Fresh Holiday Party Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

… but with major retailers starting the Holidays earlier each year how is an event planner to keep up?

Well, with our fabulous tips of course!

Here’s our top five favorite fresh holiday party ideas:

1.    pairings- we all love a good special pairings dinner at a restaurant. Bring the concept to your holiday party. Erin Branham of A2 Events says, “Recently we did stations at one of our cor-porate dinners. We worked with the hotel chef to create unique pairings for different regions of the country. We had shrimp shooters with tequila in them as well as paella and margaritas for key west, We served a pale ale with fried chicken for the south as well as donuts with a baileys drink. Each station had mini versions of the cocktails displayed or being served right next to the foods. It was a huge hit!” MPI suggests pairing Honey Pot Cider (a brandy, apple cider and orange blossom honey cocktail) with a brie station to start.
2.    saturate your decoration - we’re talking head to toe in one pattern! We love plaid for this season, but pick your own and use it in varying shades and sizes on items like napkins, table linens, favors, straws, custom bars, you name it. You won’t be able to find every item in the pattern, and the remaining non-pattern items will help to break up the look. Depending on the pattern and the “saturation level” the look will turn out someone where between, fun and kitschy to remarkable! We guarantee a cool and memorable party with a saturation ap-proach.
3.    pop-up party - there’s no reason that the super popular pop up party can’t be translated into a Holiday party. Keep your location secret, and ideally make sure the venue is unique and trendy. Reveal hints in the days leading up to the party, and then reveal the location just prior to the start of the party. Everything feels more magical when there’s a surprise involved.
4.    a bacon and chocolate party - a menu completely based around bacon and chocolate? yes please! Since holidays are when diets go out the window anyway, it’s the perfect timing to create a unique and funky menu using these two ingredients as centerpieces for the chef. Bonus points for incorporating songs with lyrics about chocolate or bacon!
5.    pjs, pancakes, and champagne Party - an instant tradition is about to be born for your company holiday party! All the guests are required to wear their best PJs, and it’s breakfast for dinner. Everyone will feel like a kid again, but this time with a champagne flute in hand to toast with. Take it to the next level by adding pajama contests, string lights and vintage mov-ies projected throughout the event space.
6.    noise ordinance!? No Problem; have your favorite DJ party your guests to the wee hours using the silent disco technology. Light up the night with wireless LED Headphones handed to guests as the walk in and dance in silence to all of today’s best hits.
7.    how about Christmas Carol Karaoke? Karaoke is perfect whenever good friends gath-er. It's not about how well you sing, but having the courage to put yourself out there - AND when you're in the audience, recognizing that it takes a lot of courage to do that and being supportive.  It's all good entertainment and good fun and not taken too seriously. At the same time, we all love Christmas Carol’s so why not incorporate a Christmas Carol Karaoke? Vimari Roman of Swantegy Miami thinks Karaoke is a fabulous way to include some team building and fun “We had a client who loved Karaoke and we incorporated it into their fare-well dinner at their annual retreat. We found that it was a fabulous and fun way for their team to come together and it created memories that will last a lifetime.” For the Christmas Carol Karaoke we recommend the following: You must have a karaoke machine for this event, and it must be filled with holiday music. Ask employees and guests to sign up to sing their fa-vorite holiday songs solo or in groups.  Incorporate some kind of musical competition into the evening as well, either in the form of karaoke, music lyrics competitions, Rock Band or Gui-tar Hero tournaments or another music-related competition.  Also, consider limiting the kara-oke to certain portions of the event, depending on how many guests you are expecting.  Hire a DJ or live band for the latter portion of the evening.

With our fresh ideas, you’re sure to have an incredible holiday party this year.


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